On migrating your application and/or workload to China Azure, you will have to go through the 5 stages of the lifecycle.

This playbook is structure according to the 5 stages of the lifecycle.


Envisioning (Explore, Guidance, Validate)

  • Understand what needs to be considered
  • Identify the constraints and risks


Planning (Explore,Guidance,Validate)

  • Plan and design a solution to meet the needs and expectations within the constraints
  • Estimate the efforts and formulate a schedule for the migration, including risk management


Onboarding (Explore,Guidance,Validate)

  • Provide the solution for the onboarding process when migrating to China Azure
  • Include the execution of the migration, and deployment of the solution


Optimizing (Explore,Guidance,Validate)

  • Stabilizing and optimizing the solution on China Azure
  • Include performance testing and system tuning


Operating & Supporting (Explore,Guidance,Validate)

  • Cut over the solution into production
  • Operate and support the solution on a daily basis