In the world of digital retailing and booming cross-border e-commerce, all eyes are on China.We have received unmatched interest for Azure in China and enjoyed triple digits revenue and utilization growth year over year. Many Global customers have shown interest to setup their cloud presence to China, they already may have a vast footprint on Global Azure - the Azure service operated by Microsoft outside China, and are looking towards rehost, refactor, and/or rebuild some/all of their applications or services to China using China Azure.


China Azure is the first sovereign cloud operated by a third party entity (21Vianet), and completely isolated from Global Azure.  The complexities and the unique internet environment and policies in China introduce many frictions when customers planning or working on such project including policies (government), performance (networking), parity (services), and partner (ecosystem).


Today, the China Customer Advisory Team (China CAT) comprising of technical and business experts, assists and enables such customer requests by handholding the very complex and tediously manual process of migrating or integrating customer's applications and services between sovereign clouds i.e. Global Azure to Azure China (operated by 21Vianet). The team helps in end to end process by being involved right from assessment, proving, planning, implementing, and validating. In additional to support by escalations to China CAT team, we also in accountable to setup The Global Connection Center, which is centered around China Azure as migration target, aims to provide customer a one-stop-shop for advisory and tools needed technically, legally and financially.


The Global Connection Center consists of two parts:


  • The Global Customer Playbook is a step by step guide as well as a troubleshooting wizard to help Business decision makers/IT admins/Solution Architects to fully comprehend the proper procedures to setup services in China Azure as well issues that may come up during the process and how to resolve them with minimum efforts. Regulatory considerations, China Azure technology platform, Azure China partner solution offerings, application and service migration guidance such as design patterns samples and scenario based tips are some of the topics covered in depth.


  • The Global Connection Toolkit is an open-source client tool on GitHub. The intuitive service will be available for all Public Azure customers to assess, evaluate and experiment the China Azure environment in terms of cost and migration complexities, as well as to perform the actual migration process for the customers.


Both the Global Customer Playbook and the Global Connection Toolkit will continue to be updated with more migration scenarios and design patterns, with the intention of staying aligned with the ever-changing customer needs and the new service landing status of China Azure.



Navigating the Playbook


This playbook is designed for Target Personas, and is structured along the different stages of the Migration Lifecycle, you are recommend to understand the Structure of the Playbook before you start navigate and read the playbook.