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  • How's China Azure different from Global Azure?


Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet in China, is a separate instance of Microsoft's Azure cloud services located in mainland China and independently operated and sold by Shanghai Blue Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. ("21Vianet"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing 21Vianet Broadband Data Center Co., Ltd. It is based on the same Azure technology that powers Microsoft's global cloud services with comparable service levels to customers.


However, as China Azure ( is a separate instance of Azure, there will be differences in the availability of Azure services, compared to that of Global Azure ( You can refer to Parity for a service parity comparison.


  • What's the Great Firewall of China?


The Great Firewall of China (GFW) used by international media to refer to legislation and projects initiated by the Chinese government that attempt to regulate the Internet content in Mainland China. It is the main instrument to achieve Internet censorship in China. These Chinese regulations include banning all illegal content, blocking from view selected websites, and filtering key words out of searches initiated from computers located in Mainland China.


There are site that help you test if your target website is censored in China, e.g.


If you want to know more about how GFW will affect your services to be launched in China, please refer to Top Things to Know, and the considerations on Performance.


  • What are the China Cloud Policies and Laws that I need to understand for launching internet services in China?


Please refer to "China Cloud Policies and Laws" in Policies area for details.


  • What are the differences on services offered by China Azure compared with Global Azure?


Please refer to comparison table in Parity area for details.


  • Is there guidance on planning the migration of my applications to China Azure?


We have a guidance on your application migration from an application architecture perspective, focusing on the application migration design for 2 scenarios: Refactor and Rehost.

Refactor Migration Scenario - Covers the scenario that you are deploying new applications on China Azure, which you may have these applications already running on other cloud providers, and would like to look for solutions for a better and faster migration to China Azure.

Rehost Migration Scenarios - Covers the scenario for redeploying the application to a different cloud environment. This is to serve as a guide on the migration design for your applications or workloads that run on Global Azure, and to have them migrated to China Azure.


  • How can I have a direct network connectivity between China Azure and my on premise resources?


Please refer to "Global Connectivity and Interoperability" in Performance area for details.


  • How can I on-board my internet services in China Azure?


Please refer to "Onboarding with 21Variant" in Partners area for details.



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